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Cyberspace Grill provides the "Mise en Place" you need to do some stellar cooking. Look inside Cyberspace Grill to find groovy restaurant recipes easy enough to prepare at home, with attached photos to guide you in presentation, detailed preparation instructions, a glossary of terms, a conversion chart to convert recipes, some suggestions for wine pairing, and lots more. Feel free to drop any feedback you may have with the e-mail link on the "Chef Mark" page. Have fun clicking around the Grill.

What's New?

My latest project: Absinthe Bistro and Bar in Orlando Florida

Scheduled to open in August of 2006

The inspiration behind Absinthe Bistro is a consequence of cooks and our culinary subculture. Cooks know good food. Cooks know good booze. Cooks know a good time and without question, how to have one. To a cook, the basic ingredients of a good time combine some of that good food, lots of good booze and the good people that work in restaurants. Indeed, some of the best food at a restaurant may not be found on the menu. One must look in the kitchen to the little snacks the cooks make for themselves and others. Kitchen crews revel in those little munchies. Those very circumstances resulted in the food at Absinthe Bistro. Food cooked by cooks for other cooks.

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